Singapore Airlines First Class: Singapore - Hong Kong

Airline: Singapore Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200
Class: First
Route: Singapore - Hong Kong (SQ 870)
Date: April 2011

After a quite long walk through the new and impressive Singapore Terminal 3 we arrived at the silver Kris lounge. We gave our boarding passes with the invitation to the Private Room to the lounge manager. It was like entering a plane in the Economy Class section and proceeding to First Class. The Business Class section of the lounge (which didn’t look bad at all) was right behind the entrance area. From the Business section we walked through the First Class section (I think this section is used for all intra-Asian First flyers) and ended up in the "Private Room", an excellent lounge with an à la carte restaurant, very helpful and friendly staff. It’s very quiet in there.


Time flew by and then we went to our plane to Hong Kong. It was a B 772 with intra-Asian First Class. Not too bad. You might want to compare the seats with some of the non-horizontal Business Class seats on the market. For this short 3 hour hop it was more than okay.

The service on this short flight was friendly and effective again, however, not comparable to the First Class service on intercontinental flights. But this would be too much to expect in my opinion. In the late evening we arrived in Hong Kong, took a cab to our first hotel (Novotel airport, highly recommended) and encountered the problem that it was hard to fall asleep in our first night in Asia after these very long flights during which we had slept most of the time. However, I still managed to sleep for 6 hours that night.

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