Singapore Airlines First Class: Frankfurt - Singapore

Airline: Singapore Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 777
Class: First
Route: Frankfurt - Singapore (SQ 325)
Date: April 2011

We were in Cologne at a technical trade show and one week after our departure from JFK we went back to Frankfurt for our next trip to Hong Kong via Singapore. This leg was on a 77W. Although flying First we had to go to the LH Senator Lounge. As usual it was crowded, loud and not the cleanest one. An acceptable, but not outstanding choice of food and drinks was offered. It’s a shame what Lufthansa offers here.
We didn't stay too long there and proceeded to our departure gate. Again, after the elderly, handicapped and families with small children, First Class passengers boarded. On this flight the First Class cabin was full. The seat in this aircraft is amazing. It is big. It is nearly too big. You have a small cushion on the side which provides you from getting lost in this really huge. But you get used to it. VERY fast. After the normal pre-departure drinks we left the gate and were airborne to Singapore absolutely in time. It ought to be mentioned that we didn’t have a single minute delay on any of the flights. After dinner I changed clothes and went to this amazing bed in the sky.

What shall I say? I slept like a baby for more than 8 hours, watched a movie, had another snack and there we arrived in Singapore, about 1 hour ahead of schedule.

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