Lufthansa European Comfort: Munich - Dusseldorf

Airline: Lufthansa
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Class: Economy (European Comfort)
Route: Munich - Dusseldorf
Date: July 2011

When flying from Munich to Dusseldorf, I had my first encounter with Lufthansa's new European Comfort cabin. Thinner seats, more space, more comfort. This sounded good! However, a friend of mine had already told me that seating hurts, so I expected something like US Airways' Dash-8.
Unfortunately, my friend was just too right. Don't sit down too rapidly, it might hurt, US' Dash-8 seats are a real sofa compared to this new seat. Actually the only comfortable things about the new seat are the increased seat pitch and the nice new cabin look. But if you don't sit perfectly upright, you feel the core of the back rest all along down your spine and every vertebra protests. Bad for slim people. But even worse: There is a hard plastic cover on the back of every back rest as a cover behind the seat pocket. Unfortunately it is so thin and flexible that a tiny push with one finger can create a temporary ding. So if the passenger seating behind you puts something into or take something out of his seat pocket, you feel it. And it feels even worse with knees or a kid's restless feet.
The back rest is only 3 cm thick and some extra cushion would do wonders, I guess.

By the way: Business Class seats are all the same, just the middle seat stays empty.

Good seat pitch

Senator Lounge Dusseldorf

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